The Dawdler’s Philosophy

Haunting the Margins - E2: Terence McKenna

February 3, 2019

We all dull and enhance our senses in various ways. Some of us, few of us can explore the extremes of sensory manipulation. Even fewer can understand what it means.

The Dawdlers return to the theme of Haunting the Margins. This time they take a trip with Terence McKenna, the late hallucinagenic experimentalist of the 20th Century. Uncle Terence had loads of ideas and a remarkably lucid penchant for expressing them.

A man of his time who is worth our time.

McKennas, the Anderson's of Ireland (the Johnsons of Ireland is already taken by the O'Briens. But let's face it, the O'Briens are merely the Grants of Sweden, so...).

00:03:50 - Terence McKenna, the man

00:06:37 - The theme of Haunting the Margins, review

00:10:47 - HTM characterizations // humor // taboo // radicalism // career // populism //marginal to who? // associates?

00:52:47 - Harland's mandatory insertion of radical skepticism

00:58:20 - T McK's ideas // the Logos

01:16:10 - Time Wave Theory

01:34:32 - Stoned Ape Hypothesis

02:03:53 - Margin haunters are too awesome

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