The Dawdler’s Philosophy

Haunting the Margins - E1: Robert Anton Wilson

November 25, 2018

"If you don't mind haunting the margins, I think there is more freedom there. It's like being a politician in opposition; that's where you can be most sincere. But, of course, you sometimes look at people taking lead parts and think they've got all the gravy." -Colin Firth

Unremitting travelers rarely play it safe. How could they? They are in motion. Momentum is both a liberator and a killer. But these adventurers just don’t care. They are obsessed. They are possessed. They are living on the edge…

Here, The Dawdler’s Philosophy presents a new theme: Haunting the Margins. We focus on individuals who do the unpopular thing and “get weird”. And they’re nearly always ahead of the ever-hackneyed curve to not become normal in their time even though some may think they are. Nay, they be margin haunters, outlaws, and criminals of the mainstream milieu. They may not all be original in ideas, but they are all original in their actions.

First up: Robert Anton Wilson.

Here’s to “Maybe”.

00:07:00 – Margin Haunting, Inc.

00:22:39 – RAW, the Man

00:30:00 – Margin Haunter Attributes/Margin Haunter Conditions

00:46:46 – The Incorrigible Optimist/Model Agnosticism

01:18:06 – Discordianism, Expanded/Correct Answer Machines

01:36:16 – Generalism/Drugs & Openness

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