The Dawdler’s Philosophy

E46: 10 Things To Hate About Nonfiction Books

October 24, 2021

Preeeetty self-explanatory this time. Ryan goes over 10 things he hates, doesn't like, despises, etc., in nonfiction books. Harland does his best to disagree. 

Next episode: 10 things Ryan hates about devil's advocacy! Jk.


#1 Maps & Legends - Chapter Maps

#2 Show, Don't Tell, Nonfiction-style 

#3 Style & Substance - Epigraphs

#4 In The End - Footnotes & Endnotes

#5 Size Matters - Book Length

#6 E-mail Is Fine - Interviews & Narratives

#7 Story Time - Stories, Yes; Dialogue? Nah

#8 Apology Unaccepted - Using kid gloves with the reader around technical material.

#9 The Elephant In The Room - Little-to-no acknowledgement about popular and comparable ideas.

#10 Big Words, Little Context - Using uncommon phrases, words, and acronyms without giving them the appropriate context and slowing the pace and flow of the reading.

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