The Dawdler’s Philosophy

E45: Dawdler Review - Triamonds, Episodic Synchronies, and NME Skeptics!

September 24, 2021

Whoo boy! Ryan is back in the swing of things with his kids in school and sports and ballet and covid and everyone's FREAKIN OUT! Harland is on a journey through the red states lookin' for a poker game or two. Apparently, Austin is nice...and hot. But they're back with your best interests in mind. Except there is no "mind" and they don't know what your interests are, let alone your best ones, because you won't tell them.

That's why they're doing a review of some core ideas. Now that they have 27.7 listeners they have to onboard all 26.7 of you newbies! 

They cover a framework they call "Modes of Inquiry." Then there's Ryan's baby, "Episodic Synchrony." And last, and very much least, Dr. Ought-opus and his idea, NME skepticism. Catch 'em all while you can!

And tell your friends!

Outside, triple masked, and 20 feet apart,

The Dawdlers

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