The Dawdler’s Philosophy

E21: Ever Since the Universe Invented Imagination - What Do You Believe but Can’t Prove?

December 30, 2018

We are as much our biases as we are our perception to others. Fallibility. It works in mysterious ways.

This week the Dawdlers present a discussion from an earlier time than the present moment. It's a conversation they've been meaning to have but not really sure when to have it. But they did...eventually.

The topic? An annual question: 2005's What do you believe is true even though you cannot prove it?

Harland and Ryan wax on about some things they think fit the bill, but not until after Harland rewords the question to meet their Dawdler perspective.

We all have our trust in ourselves. Let's hope it doesn't make us into overly prideful fools of the double-down.

00:05:00 - An question / A Harlandonian re-wording

00:17:21 - Harland's First Claim / Grok talk / Subclaim: language is unlimited

00:32:31 - Ryan's First Claim / Edge question respondents talked about aliens and brains alot

00:43:00 - Harland's Second Claim / Anything is possible / There are no laws of the universe / tendency vs. habit

01:01:35 - Ryan's Second Claim / "new" geological ideas

01:27:54 - Harland's Third Claim / SMIILE

01:42:02 - This topic is tailor-made for Harland to get radical / Episode devolves into math talk

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