The Dawdler’s Philosophy

E20: The Great Silliness - Consciousness Does Not Exist

December 23, 2018

Harland and Ryan were born on the same day 3 years apart. December 22. To celebrate they're doing an episode on consciousness and how you, yes you, dont have it!! Happy birthday to us, eh? Eh...

They don't know philosopher Keith Frankish's birthday, but he doesn't think you have consciousness either even if he doesnt say it explicitly. C'mon Keith!! It's the Dawdlers' birthday!! Jerk.

Here's deep birthday vibe dives into a piece Keith wrote about Illusionism and Consciousness.


00:00:00 The Great Silliness: Keith Frankish's Consciousness as Illusion

00:06:58 Provocative v. Defensible Claims, Definition of Consciousness, The Hard Problem

00:13:39 The Illusion Problem, Realist v. Illusionist Theories, Psychokinesis example

00:24:25 Phenomenal v. Access Consciousness, What-its-like-ness

00:28:36 Quasi-phenomenal properties, Penrose triangle & Operating System User Illusions

00:40:55 Representations, Interpretations, & Counting transductions

00:50:13 Zombies & What-its-like-type-II, How quasi-phenomenality works in illusionism

00:57:51 Arguments against Realism & for Illusionism, Epiphenomenalism & Occam

01:07:20 Qualia & the Alien Ashtrays, Objections to Illusionism considered

01:28:46 Illusionism v. Eliminativism, Harland's Metaphilosophical Argument

01:39:57 Ryan's Big Question: Why do people care about what they care about?

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