The Dawdler’s Philosophy

E18: Wittgenstein’s Inner Parliament - Exploring “On Certainty”

December 9, 2018

There are these people in workplaces who have a talent for completing assigned tasks well. Their results are basically always excellent and up to the specifications and requirements for getting the job "done right". Worker bees, we call them. And they are essential for the consistent and routine operation of a workplace. Without them the riffraff hand in a suboptimal and incomplete product.

What if someone had this type of talent, but for thinking? How might it look? What is a correct and (nearly) complete thought? A good candidate for the worker bee of thinking might be Ludwig Wittgenstein. In this episode, we Dawdlers focus on this dying man's thoughts on common sense and the external world.

Help yourself to the questions because there are no answers.

The Dawdlers

00:03:58 - Wittgenstein the Life & Times - The Two Phases of W-'s Thought

00:12:34 - Wittgenstein of the Tractatus v. Wittgenstein of the Investigations

00:19:55 - G.E. Moore's "Proof of an External World"

00:38:07 - G.E. Moore's "A Defense of Common Sense"

00:47:48 - W- First Pick for My Team! - Because he's a Thinker, That Boy!

01:11:25 - Wittgenstein Wrestling His Inner Skeptic

01:33:30 - Language, Epistemology, & Other Infinite Games

02:03:08 - Hinge Epistemology

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