The Dawdler’s Philosophy

E17: The Final Induction - The Method of Multiple Working Hypotheses

December 2, 2018

<<cough, cough>> <<sniff, sniff>>

Ryan has kids. Kids have diseases and general poor hygiene. Thus, Ryan has diseases and sometimes poor hygiene. But he loves ‘em, those little rascals.

In this episode, the Dawdlers explore this kind of parental affection, but for ideas. How much affection should we give to our brain children? The discussion centers around a little old paper that holds the key! And the key is as Harland says, “The Method”. In this case, it is the method of multiple working hypotheses.

So drink plenty of fluids, get some rest, and prepare to have more children. Or get out of the business of decision making entirely.

-The Dawds

00:05:07 - T.C. Chamberlin

00:11:44 - Working Hypotheses, Ruling Theories, & the Parent/Child Metaphor

00:25:40 - Multiple Working Hypotheses, Ethology v. Psychology

00:35:00 - Chamberlin's Geological Examples

00:43:50 - Ryan Loves Evolution & Punctuated Equilibria

00:59:36 - The Null Hypothesis

01:05:05 - The Aim of Science, Truth & The Noble Lie

01:23:23 - Fact & Interpretation & Measurement & Language

01:39:06 - The Paradox of Choice

01:48:30 - Single Child Households & the Masters of Ruling Theories

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