The Dawdler’s Philosophy

E15: The Rolling Wall of Fog - Science v. Philosophy

November 11, 2018

There may not be philosophy-free science, but there *is* radical-free philosophy. Harland tries it out for as long as he can in this episode on the possible differences between science and philosophy.

Buckle your chin straps, Truth Seekers!

00:04:50 – Science? Philosophy?/Thought experiments/Provisionalism vs Definitionalism

00:42:48 – Modes of Indeference/Progress

01:02:26 – “Social” science/Wolf packs & bears/Singer-songwriters & jazz musicians/Science is data collection, philosophy is everything else/The structure of scientific papers/Philosophy of statistics vs philosophy of science/Calculus is bullshit

01:30:52 - Radicalisuuuuuuuuuuuhm

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