The Dawdler’s Philosophy

E13: Footnotes to Fermi - The Aliens Episode

October 28, 2018

So, this guy Enrico trolled humanity once and it’s left us reeling ever since. This week the Dawdlers discuss the implications of this troll and explore a few threads on why we don’t get no satisfaction from our attempts to catch signals emitted by extraterrestrial intelligences. A hope and a calculation, but no USS Enterprise.

Grab your ankles if you want, but get comfortable at least. It may be a while before you’re “visited”.

00:07:45 – Fermi’s Paradox/Kardeshev Scale/Civilization Types

00:25:00 – More Fermi/Drake Equation/Lost Amazonian Tribe Analogy

00:46:30 – The Great Filter/Phil Niche Theory/Goldilocks Thinking/Money

01:46:45 – White House Lawn Scenarios

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