The Dawdler’s Philosophy

E11: I Just Wanna Get off the Bus - The Overpopulation Episode

October 14, 2018

Typically, people may describe a “wide-ranging” podcast conversation as covering topics from A to Z to あ. Maybe that’s the case for those podcasts. Us dawdlers? Eh…

Ryan thinks this episode is on the psychology of “over”-population and Malthusian growth dynamics. Harland thinks Ryan just doesn’t like being one-of-many and is heavily invested in the narrative of Lockean individualism or something. Whatever the case may be, they cover a wide range of topics from—Hey, look! Sections!

00:04:45 – Thomas Malthus stuff

00:13:34 – Paul Ehrlich/Tragedy of the Commons

00:20:38 – Ryan’s Lament/The Psychology of “Over”-population

00:35:28 – Harland’s Reverse/Back to Ecology

00:58:26 – Human Exceptionalism/Growth Curbs (eh-heh-heh…)

01:02:39 – Back to Psychology

01:34:02 – What is a Population?/Shit Related to Offspring/Harland Being Radical

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