The Dawdler’s Philosophy

E34: More Vice Than Virtue – Nelson Goodman’s Fake News

August 4, 2019

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose…

Been a bit, but the Dawdlers are back. And, yes, things change but we’re still the same ol’ Dawdlers. Yer welcome.

This week enjoy our exploration of some mind bending philosophical musings from philosopher Nelson Goodman. Ryan thinks a scientific orientation can help. Harland thinks philosophy can find more problems for him. Nelson thinks these are just versions.

00:02:00 – Introduction to the topic // Equations grazing in a field // Worldmaking

00:42:20 – Versions // Memes and “felt stubbornness” // Conservatism and progressivism // Change is required for stasis and safe is dead

01:00:07 – Grue // Metamorphosis // The “two cultures” tension (aka, “science vs. philosophy”) // Science and philosophy can undermine each other’s independence

01:36:15 – Choke by Sonn

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