The Dawdler’s Philosophy

E29: Hustling Past the Graveyard - Ideation in the New Gilded Age

March 17, 2019

“If you want new ideas, read old books.” -Ivan Pavlov

This was the sentiment Ryan witnessed at an evolution conference a few years back. On the one hand, it is a condemnation of the state of originality in science. And, on the other, it is a commendation of its resourcefulness. But why the need for such resourcefulness? What’s the problem?

In this episode the Dawdlers talk about the state of ideation in the world today and the possible undercurrents that are determining its low quality.

Pinch pennies, not yourself. You’re awake in this nightmare. We’re naming names, people!!

00:00:00 – Dawdlers dawdling

00:05:48 – Ideas are of low quality in a Gilded Age

00:10:47 – Framework I: Secular cycles // Gilded ages // Dawdlers & hustlers

00:33:12 – Framework II: Resources enrichment // Tolerated variation // Technology as a resource

00:47:17 – Elite overproduction & fragmentation // Billionaires today are like the ancient Greek gods

00:57:20 – The Intellectual Dark Web, billionaires, and conspiracy!! // Dogmatists are easily manipulated

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