The Dawdler’s Philosophy

E22: A Farewell to Armchairs - Philosophy Without Intuitions

January 6, 2019

Imagine a beginner's luck without a point of reference, without any obvious design  and you'll have a better picture of intuition and the role it plays in ego and illusion. So there is no luck. There is no accident. Some thinkers are just so in touch with the universe they need not appeal to another authority because they ARE the authority. 

In this episode we Dawdlers try to critique how intuition is used in philosophy. Fair warning however. Harland gets pretty chimpy and Ryan enjoys Harland's chimpy-ness perhaps a little too much.

Doesn't matter if you lean in or lean back. Either way, your armchair is being sold on Craigslist tomorrow. 

-The Dawdlers 

00:02:20 - The Armchair Activities, Intuition, Herman Cappelen's Philosophy Without Intuitions & Centrality: What is 'Intuition', How central to philosophy, Is that 'good'/'bad'?

00:22:30 - Cappelen's Questions to the Centralists, Epistemic Hedging, Trophy Problems, Common Ground

00:31:18 - 'Intuitive Plausibility' vs. Conditionals vs. Proofs, Intellectual Egos

00:41:00 - Argumentation Norms and Intellectual Progress, Chimp Warning, Hilary Putnam's Reason, Truth, and History

00:45:30 - Putnam's Intuitionalistic Methodology: Artistic Ants, Twin Earth Dendrology, & Brains in Vats

00:53:50 - Intuition Pumps, Similarity, Representation, & Reference, Sleight of Mind

01:10:10 - Monkeys on Typewriters & Intrinsic Meaning, Causal Theory of Reference, Alternative Intuitive Teleologies

01:22:45 - Putnam Butchers Turing

01:32:12 - Throwing Putnam at Cappelen, An Argument for Centrality

01:43:50 - Ryan puts Harland on the spot to make a bunch of irresponsible snap judgments

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